Dispute on a One-Way Street

So, there I was, parked up by a fire hydrant, minding my own business, scrolling through my phone. The street was buzzing, cars inching along the one-way road. Suddenly, this dude decides to double park right across the street, blocking everyone on our one-way road. Honks started blaring, but he was too busy unloading his trunk to care.

Then, out of the blue, he’s banging on my window, all steamed up. “Why don’t you move?” he barks.

Caught off guard, I suggest, “Hey, why not park a little further up? There’s space there.”

“What was that?” he snaps, his anger boiling over.

I try to defuse the tension. “I said why don’t you double park a few feet forward? There’s plenty of space there. This is ridiculous,” I reply.

He glares at me, clearly not happy with my response.

Feeling the tension rise, I decide to keep things cool. “Alright, I’ll move,” I say, firing up my car and easing out of there.

Looking back, it was one crazy moment. But hey, sometimes it’s better to roll with it and keep the peace on the street, especially when it’s a one-way.